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Eddie Knab

Physical Chemistry Graduate Student

Group Member Since 2020

B.S. in Chemistry, Arcadia University, 2020


Publications and Presentations

Research Interests

Protein Folding in Cells

Eddie’s current research revolves around studying the kinetics of fast-folding peptide chains in vivo. Specifically, he is investigating the folding kinetics of WW domain proteins by using fluorescent tags to probe the protein structure in different environments. There are different strategies utilized to tag proteins with fluorophores. By studying these different labelling strategies and understanding the effect they have on protein in vitro and in vivo folding, an optimized method can be chosen for these smaller, fast-folding peptides. By coupling experimental data to computational model studies, a movie can be created that accurately depicts the folding pathway of the protein. This can provide important information and a better understanding of the biological functions of WW domain proteins.

More About Me

Eddie’s previous research experience involved fitting the difference between an ab initio and a Buckingham-like water-hydrogen dimer potential energy surface using a neural network. The neural network was trained and cross-validated using a novel method that utilized random configurations generated from the diffusion process in Diffusion Monte Carlo.

Edward Knab, Amy Stringer, “Research on Isotopic Impurities to Improve Hydrogen Storage”. 9th Annual Regional Undergraduate Student Research Conference, Delaware State University, March 23, 2019

Edward Knab, “Cross-Validation of a Neural Network Potential Energy Surface Fitting by Diffusion Monte Carlo”. PHYS-364, 257th ACS National Meeting Orlando, FL, April 3, 2019 

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