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Motivated by diseases arising from the misregulation of proteins and RNA, our biophysical approach makes connections between molecular mechanism and cellular function through time-resolved spectral imaging at multiple scales, from in vitro to single cell to whole organism.

We are part of the Chemistry Department at Yale University.

Recent Publications


C.M. Davis* and M. Gruebele*

Cellular sticking can strongly reduce complex binding by speeding dissociation

J. Phys. Chem. B, 2021, accepted.


C.M. Davis* and M. Gruebele*

Cytoskeletal drugs modulate off-target protein folding landscapes inside cells

Biochemistry, 2020, 59 (28), 2650-2659.


C.M. Davis*, J. Deutsch, M. Gruebele*       

An in vitro mimic of in-cell solvation for protein folding studies

Prot. Sci., 2020, 29 (4), 1046-1054.

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