The Davis lab celebrates diversity and is committed to fostering an inclusive scholarly environment. This value is exhibited in our research, which shows that biodiversity is essential to the adaptability and survival of cells. In our scientific endeavors, we welcome collaboration, promote communication, respect different perspectives, and appreciate the opportunity to interact with researchers from diverse backgrounds.We embrace the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion that enable personal and intellectual growth during our pursuit of scientific excellence.

WE'RE HIRING! I am looking for enthusiastic and motivated scientists - graduate students and undergraduates - to join me! Our research is at the interface of biology, physics, and chemistry, so I am recruiting researchers from diverse backgrounds. Projects will be tailored to your research interests and expertise. Group members can expect to receive training in a combination of protein and RNA biophysics, live cell microscopy, spectroscopy, lasers, mathematical modeling, and physical chemistry. Experience in all of these areas is not necessary - just enthusiasm and willingness to learn! More details below...

Principle Investigator



Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Office: KCL 108

Tel: (203) 432-9576

Postdoctoral and Postgraduate Researchers

Hyejin Yoo_picture.jpg

Hyejin Yoo

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interest:

Bimolecular Dynamics by FReI


Brooke Ramsey

Postgraduate Researcher

Research Interest:

Protein Folding in Cells

Graduate Students

Students admitted to Yale's chemistry, BQBS, or PEB graduate programs should contact Caitlin Davis about opportunities to rotate in the lab. We are looking for creative and independent students to join the group!


Eddie Knab

Member Since 2020

Research Interests:

Protein Folding in Cells

Undergraduate Students

We welcome motivated and responsible undergraduate students to join our group. Prior research experience is not necessary. Undergraduates interested in research must commit to at least two semesters of research (10-15 hrs per week) or a summer (8-10 weeks). For consideration submit a resume, transcripts (may be unofficial), and statement of research interests.

Tobenna Ubachukwu

Yale 2023

Research Interests:

Protein Folding in Cells

Postgrad Plan: Medical School


Eitan Acks

Yale 2021

Research Interests:

RNA Phase Transitions

Postgrad Plan:

Graduate School (BioChem)

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