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This year the whole lab attended the annual Biophysical Society Meeting. (Back Left: Grayson Hoy, Raibat Sarker, Sydney Shuster, Brahmmmi Patel. Front Left: Ume Tahir, Marisa Barilla. Back Right: Hannah Castillo, Maya Khurana, Michael Burke, Eddie Knab, Caitlin Davis. Front Right: Cailin Hoang, Lydia Tarekegn)

The week started off with a group trip on the Acela - from New Haven to Philadelphia!

Members of the group gave 18 poster presentations at the meeting - including presentations during the Undergraduate Poster Competition, Graduate Poster Competition, and Just B Symposia.

The week also featured platform talks by Sydney Shuster and Brahmmi Patel and flash talks by Raibat Sarker and Eddie Knab.

The highlight of the week may have been bingo! Hannah Castillo came away with the grand prize (and Eddie Knab also won a prize).

  • Writer's pictureDavis Lab

We ended 2023 with a lab holiday party. There was cookie decorating (Michael Burke baked), white elephant gift exchange, and Taboo. Ume Tahir created a chemistree out of lab supplies!

Hannah Castillo completed her qualifying exam in Fall 2023. Next up, first publication!

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