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This year marked our first lab holiday party. It was full of many firsts. The first holiday party for our lab. Several lab members experienced their first potluck, first secret santa, first white elephant (yes we had both), or first game of Catan. After an epic 3 hour battle - Caitlin and Ajona won! Looking forward to a rematch at our next lab get-together.

In collaboration with the Plate lab at Vanderbilt, our Scialog team proposal "Structure-Function of Enzyme Filaments: Regulators of Cell Metabolism in Space and Time" was funded by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Funding for this proposal has the goal of catalyzing breakthroughs in our understanding of chemical processes in the living cell that will lead to a new era of advancement in cell biology. We look forward to collaborating on this project! Congratulations to all of the awardees. For more info:

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This week the Davis lab hosted undergraduates in MCDB 364 Light Microscopy: Techniques and Image Analysis. Students learned to make in vitro slides, microinject live cells, and perform temperature jumps on their FRET samples.

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